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The return of The Guarantee!

A favourite is back! Geoff Herd and Deb Williams previously transported their Ross 930 from Wellington to Auckland for the Coastal, and now they are doing the same with this awesome Ross 10.66, while Splash will compete with its new owner, Soren Crabb.

Deb writes:

In preparation for the SSANZ Round North Island (RNI) 2017 we’ve moved The Guarantee (Ross 10.66) from Wellington to Auckland and now we’re getting ready to do the PIC Insurance Brokers Coastal Classic at Labour Weekend.

While we’ve trucked the previous boat Splash Palace (Ross 930) to Auckland specifically for the race, this time it’s part of the build up of offshore races and two handed events for the boat and crew. The Guarantee has competed in the Coastal with the previous owner Murray Bridge so we’re looking forward to seeing how the boat stacks up against the Auckland fleet once again. In particular it’ll be great to race against fellow RNI competitors Sun Fast 3600 Racing, Spearhead, and Truxton.

And then there’s our mother ship Ma’ara. The race will be on to see who gets to Russell first - the 20 tonne family cruiser in the roast chicken division (no extras), or The Guarantee racing in Division 2.

Logistics for Labour Weekend are slightly more challenging when all but one of the 7 crew for the race are Wellington-based. It takes a bit more planning, some flights, more to –do lists and a few more days off work to get the crew and boat ready.

A few of our regular crew have been keeping their hand in by racing on 88% Proof (Young 88) here in Wellington between events in Auckland, but are looking forward to getting back on The Guarantee and having a blast up the coast.

Thanks for the update Deb, we'll look forward to hearing more!

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