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PIC celebrates 10-year anniversary as Marine Insurance Specialists!

Here is a message from our one-of-a-kind sponsor, proud sponsors throughout the boating community.

We love boats, and we know how important they are to you, PIC Insurance Brokers get this! That is why 10 years ago they opened a specialist insurance broker division in the Marine market. They are known for having expertise and commitment to each individual client. They are a leader in the insurance industry.

What makes PIC a leader in the Marine insurance sector? Listening to your needs and advising on the best insurance, having freedom to access the entire market (Both local and offshore), a passion for boats and peoples interests, and most importantly a champion for you at claim time.

Being a 100% New Zealand owned insurance broker gives them independence which is good for you because everything they do is tailored to your needs. They are tuned into all things Marine and are genuine advocates for their clients.

Proud sponsors throughout the boating community. For more information please visit

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