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Why 2018 is your year to race

If you’re been toying with the idea of entering your boat into the PIC Coastal Classic, or making a conscious effort to put your name on the crew list, here are the top five reasons why 2018 is your year:

  1. Records are meant to be broken. Whether your challenge is to beat a class record, your personal best, or to simply finish the race – set your sights on a goal and one of this years’ trophies or generous sponsored prizes may have your name on it.

  2. You could learn something new. It’s in the nature of the sport that every year is different, so whether you’ve done 20 or 2 events, the free race clinics serve a line up of great guest speakers that are industry experts to shed new light on old tricks.

  3. There’s one less line item to worry about. Yachting New Zealand are now offering a free first time PHRF handicap certificate for any boat owner who has not previously held a PHRF certificate and similarly if this is the only race you do, there is a special ‘one off’ event handicap available.

  4. The PIC Coastal Classic is an iconic, bucket list race. It’s one of the world’s greatest coastal races, and there’s no time like the present… plus stylish merchandise is available from Zhik so you can truly say “done that, got the tee shirt”.

  5. It’s not all about who gets there first. Last year saw the inception of the 36 Degrees Cruising Rally, so now that the systems have been tested, 2018 is set to deliver a memorable experience for all participants.

And for a bonus reason why 2018 will be a good one to participate in – the Russell end of the race is being revamped! The Auckland band Too Many Chiefs has been booked to rev up the party, and other special additions such as food trucks will add to the celebratory atmosphere.

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