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Blog: Splash Palace

New owner Soren Crabb writes about his first Coastal in the mighty Splash Palace:

For Splash Palace it all started back in July while sitting on the waterfront enjoying a coffee wondering what to do with my afternoon,

Suddenly I had the bright idea of getting another yacht. After having a look online to see what's available it quickly became clear that a Ross 930 was the type for me given all the years I spent growing up racing them. T

Two weeks latter with a yacht in hand there was only one thing left to do: get out on the water and go sailing!

After a few good sails in varying winds from 0 to 30 knots it was time to get the Cat 3 ticked of and enter the Coastal.

Like anything preparation is key after a bit of tidying up and a few trips the local chandler Splash was looking as good as new and ready to go!

One of the biggest challenges so far has been organising the entry 36,500km from New Zealand especially when it comes to rudder repairs, painting and all those little extras that just add up,

However it has shown that with a good crew anything is possible!! The count down is officially on to get out on there for a few shake down sails before jumping into the water to clean the bum pre race.

All in all we can't wait for the race gun to go and give it all we've got!

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