Here are responses to some of the questions that we most often get asked: 

Which division should I enter? 

If you have a keelboat, your division will depend on the PHRF handicap that Yachting New Zealand gives you. Once you have got your PHRF, you can let us know and we will allocate you a division. It's no problem for you to enter before you receive this and update it later. If you have a multihull, this will be according to your multihull handicap, provided by the NZMYC. Please check the NOR and Sailing Instructions for specific details. 


What safety equipment do I need to carry? 

You need to carry all of the safety equipment required by Yachting New Zealand's Category 3 (minus life raft) regulations. We can undertake spot checks. 

What are the prizes? 

The prizes are awesome! They are provided by our wonderful family of sponsors and they include prizes for divisional winners (first on line and top three on handicap), spot prizes, and trophies for a range of classes. Spot prizes will go to those who keep their PredictWind tracker switched on through the race, and who attend the prizegiving in Russell. We will describe these in more detail as the race gets closer. 

How much is the entry fee? 

This is described in the Notice of Race

Do I need to carry a dinghy for Russell?

We supply a 24 hour water taxi service, which is included in your entry fee. It's also described in the Sailing Instructions. 

I have heard that I need to carry proof my hull is clean - what's this about? 

Because they are concerned about the spread of Meditteranean Fanworm, a marine pest that is common in Auckland, some marinas in Northland require proof that your antifouling and/or cleaning is up to date. If you are racing it's likely your boat is in good shape anyway, but you may need to remember to keep evidence such as receipts from haulouts or antifoul applicators when you get that done. This may also apply if you are anchored or at a mooring in Northland.  More information. 

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