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Here are responses to some of the questions that we most often get asked: 

What Safety Requirements are there? What does Cat 3 Minus mean?  

The PIC Coastal Classic is defined by Yachting NZ as a Category 3 minus event. This means you need to get a Cat 3 (minus life raft or dinghy) Safety Certificate issued by Yachting NZ and must show that you meet all the requirements of the Category 3 via an inspection (except you do not need a life raft or dinghy).

All boats, whether in the race or the rally, must have a valid Cat 3 Safety Certificate to race. We can undertake spot checks. To book an inspection, find an inspector here, on the Yachting NZ Website.

What are the prizes/awards? 

A range of trophies and medals are awarded to all categories/classes including the Divisions (first on line and top three handicaps).  There are also a number of spot prizes throughout the prizegiving session in Russell.  

Which division do I enter?

If you already have a PHRF certificate, you can cross reference the divisional split in the Notice of Race – and be sure to check that you’re in the right category for your length overall (LOA). We may from time to time need to alter the division’s PHRF or LOA splits to ensure balanced divisions. Final entry list by division is published the week leading up to race start.

How much is the entry fee? 

This is described in the Notice of Race

I’m new to the race – what support is available for first timers?

Every year we run two race clinics before the race to give you some time with our network of experts, learn something new, and ask questions. The first clinic about getting your boat ready will be held on-line from August.  This means you can watch anytime at your leisure. The second clinic will be held on Monday 17 October 7pm RNZYS.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest information.


Also, check out our Instagram @piccoastalclassic where we’ll be sharing a series of tips and tricks in the lead up to the race!


Can I enter before I have my Cat 3 and PHRF documentation?

Yes, absolutely and we encourage you do to so! You can upload the documents to your entry at any time and add in your crew list as you confirm who will be on board for the race. The earlier you enter, the easier it is for us to plan for you. If you have any problems uploading documentation, contact


Without a dinghy, how do we get to and from Russell?

We supply a 24hr water taxi included in your entry fee. This is outlined in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions which can be found online our Race Documents webpage.

If you need any more help arranging logistics in Russell, we have plenty of information and resources on important things like where to find a hot shower after the race, online here

What insurance do I need?  

For an event such as the PIC Coastal Classic most vessels will require a Racing Risk extension. It is best to check with your insurance provider if this event is currently covered under your policy as some company’s limit the distance that cover is provided for. We have a full dedicated page on our website from our primary sponsor, PIC Insurance Brokers, with all sorts of information regarding insurance and also this blog post from last year with things to be aware of when buying a piece of paper. If you need a friendly and independent advocate to help with some advice, contact the team at PIC Insurance Brokers.

I have heard that I need to carry proof my hull is clean - what's this about? 

Because they are concerned about the spread of Meditteranean Fanworm, a marine pest that is common in Auckland, some marinas in Northland require proof that your antifouling and/or cleaning is up to date. If you are racing it's likely your boat is in good shape anyway, but you may need to remember to keep evidence such as receipts from haulouts or antifoul applicators when you get that done. This may also apply if you are anchored or at a mooring in Northland.  More information. 

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