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New entry fee encourages smaller boats and cruising entrants

With the America’s Cup securely in New Zealand hands, and a vision for a return to the days when our sailing fleets were many times bigger than they are today, the New Zealand Multihull Yacht Club has introduced a new entry fee system aimed to make the event more affordable for small boats and cruising entrants.

“We want to see more new boats and first timers join us for a fantastic adventure north to the Bay of Islands,” says commodore Greer Houston.

The club believes that growth in the the cruising division is the way forward for families and new entrants.

“Russell is such a great town and puts up a very warm welcome. For a family to sail north together, or to meet the boat in Russell and spend some time after the race cruising in the Bay of Islands, is a fantastic adventure,” he says.

With the new entry system, smaller boats including those in the ‘no extras’ cruising division, get the best deal, paying just $190 for standard race entry which includes all social events, skipper’s packs, fleet support from Coastguard, and water taxis in Russell.

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