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New on the scene

​There is nothing like the race before the actual race to really get the heart going and when it comes to entrants in the Coastal, we have over the years seen several boats only get sailing hours or days before the start of the firing gun in the great race.

This year the starter arguably under the most pressure to get to the startline is Steve Mair's new boat, the Bakewell-White 37 Clockwork.

Clockwork is the former General Lee - designed and built in New Zealand in 2010, but based in Perth until a couple of weeks ago..

Steve, commodore of the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron and long time yachtsman, has owned a family friendly launch in recent years but liked the look of Clockwork and bought it last month.

His friend and professional skipper Kevin Peet travelled to Perth to get the boat ready for shipping, and it is scheduled to arrive four days before the race start. Once unloaded Clockwork will need to have its keel reattached, rudder fitted, mast and running rigging set up, and logos fixed before its scheduled launch - on race eve.

If the lines look familiar its because it is older brother to Anarchy - a top performing coastal and offshore race boat. Steve says that Clockwork has a more traditional hull shape than Anarchy, a shorter but heavier keel, and a little less sail area, which makes it a bit slower on paper - but on the water anything can happen.

Clockwork will race in Division 1B along with YOung Guns, Anarchy, Bullrush, Mojo, Pretty Boy Floyd, Powerplay and others.

Joining Steve on the vessel are Kevin Peet, Tom Coote, Jamie Logan, Jonty Cullinane, Heath Walbridge, Richie Watson, and Bex Costello.

Good luck with getting race ready guys - if anyone can do it, you can.

PIctured: Clockwork ready for shipping.

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