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All-female team race for competition, fun and adventure

The Cozmic Cruz crew

​A crew of eight women sailing a 12.8m keelboat called Cozmic Cruz stand out as the only all-female entry so far but they won't use that as an excuse to cruise.

Owned by Tash Fickling and her husband Scott, the 12.8m Beale will be more than competitive on the startline.

Tash is joined by Merran Walbridge, Kerenza Boyd, Helena Bassett, Raynor Haagh, Kate Taylor, Jenny Egnot and Miranda Powrie - names well known on the local race fleet.

The Cozmic Cruz girls, which include two former Olympians, are highly experienced, and the boat is well prepared and even carrying some new sails, which means they - like most entrants - will be pushing for the best result possible in their division.

While there is no shortage of women out sailing and racing in mixed crews, all female crews like this is a fairly rare sight.

“It’s not often you get the opportunity to sail all-girls on these longer and more popular races. We will have fun and a great time,” says Tash.

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