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It's exciting, but shouldn't be dangerous

The PIC Coastal Classic is a Category 3 event. This means that all participating boats need to comply with the Yachting New Zealand Safety Regulations of Sailing, undertake the Category 3 safety inspection and a get certificate to demonstrate that the boat is properly equipped to cope with the coastal environment.

“The safety inspection and certificate process are in place to help prevent manageable emergency situations turning into full-scale disasters” says Andrew Clouston, Yachting New Zealand’s Chief Operating Officer.

“It doesn’t need to be a daunting process” Andrew continues. “We’ve created a downloadable checklist for skippers to prepare their boats according to the category 3 safety regulations, and I’d encourage them to keep a copy on board, not just to review before a safety inspection, but also to revisit throughout the year.”

Andrew knows what he’s talking about too, he’s done the PIC Coastal Classic numerous times, from his first time on an Elliot 1050 in 1998 and onboard Steve Purton’s Ker40, Icebreaker these days.

Nobody would argue that prevention is better than a cure in this case, so boats need to submit their Category 3 safety certificate number with their race registration. If a boat fails any spot check at race time, the consequence could be disqualification. More online

And if there is some boat breakage or worse happens during an event such as the PIC Coastal Classic, most vessels will require a Racing Risk extension to their insurance.

“It is best to check with your insurance provider if this race is covered under your existing policy” advises PIC Insurance Broker’s Daniel Garner. “Some companies limit the distance that cover is provided for, so we recommend that all boat owners talk to their insurance provider prior to the start of the race.”

Daniel continues “The devil is in the policy detail and too often, boat owners find out the harsh reality of what is actually covered and what is not at claim time.”

PIC Insurance brokers are passionate about sailing and boating and have a dedicated marine team who are experts in the Marine Insurance Industry. They have an in-depth understanding of the products and the covers you will require on and off the water.

The take away message here is that planning goes a long way to minimising potential harm to your boat and crew.

Need more info? Read our Insurance FAQ

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