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5 good reasons to do the race in 2019

If you’ve been toying with the idea of entering your boat into the PIC Coastal Classic this year, or getting your name on a crew list, here are the top five reasons why 2019 is your year:

  1. Records are up for grabs. Each division will have their own line honours and PHRF winner - but not only are the division records up on the table, so is your personal best, or a friendly bet with your rival from the winter series. You never know, one of this years’ trophies or generous sponsored prizes may have your name on it.

  2. You could learn something new. It’s in the nature of the sport that every year is different, so whether you’ve done 20 or 2 events, the free race clinics serve a line up of great guest speakers that are industry experts to shed new light on old tricks.

  3. There’s one less line item to worry about - and its a bulky one too. The race will be sailed under Category Three minus the requirement for a life raft or dinghy. Think of all the extra weight you'll be saving this year! Just remember to stay tuned to VHF channel 16 for the duration of the race.

  4. The PIC Coastal Classic is an iconic, bucket list race. It’s one of the world’s greatest coastal races, and there’s no time like the present! Speakingof which, our official photographer for this year, Live Sail Die, will do their best to make sure everybody has a photo to show off at work on Tuesday.

  5. It's more than a yacht race. Not all participants are in the event to go fast. We are pleased to report the continual growth of the 36 Degrees Cruising Rally division and we heard you loud and clear that you loved the live band... more info on the Russell end of the race soon!


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