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88 fleet waiting and hoping

The Young 88 class aim to make this year’s PIC Coastal Classic a good one - if lockdown lets them.

“We make a big push to do it every second year as a fleet,” says class rep Mike Leyland. “All going well, we’ll have eight or nine boats on the start line and we’ll all finish within minutes of each other - that’s the beauty of a one design class like the Young 88”

Sadly for Mike, and the crew of War Machine, the push for the start will be even trickier than usual - the boat sustained some damage in the last SSANZ two handed race and is in the "Covid lockdown queue" for repairs.

It’s going to take a big effort with a boat builder, but if War Machine can get there, it will, and Mike, and his crew will move mountains to do so.

“There is a pent up desire after lockdowns to go sailing - if the time is right, people will go sailing,” he says. "This will be a great race. We love one design, and it’s a great course just perfect for an 88.”

War Machine Helm Vela Huang just before the wind switched off in 2020


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