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Finally. Rum Bucket starts a Coastal.

If ever a boat had an epic story to tell about getting to the start line, it’s the More 55 cruiser-racer, Rum Bucket owned by Quintin Fowler.

Quintin didn’t have the best of luck in Rum Bucket’s first years.

All started well when he collected his beautiful new boat from Split, Croatia and sailed her with his Kiwi crew across the Adriatic Sea to Italy, and onwards to Gran Canaria and the Caribbean.

Things got a little tense when they returned for the Tahiti leg of the voyage and found themselves in the middle of pandemic-related lockdown chaos just out of the Panama.

What ensued was what we will call a “logistically challenging few days” getting the boat safely stored and the crew safely home to New Zealand.

And then, the criminal underbelly of the drug world delayed the boat’s arrival to New Zealand by nearly a year when she was trapped on a boat carrier where drugs had been found.

But that time is behind them now, and following a very successful year of fully crewed and short handed racing, Rum Bucket is ready to roll in the PIC Coastal Classic. Good luck Quintin and crew!

Photo (c) Richmond Yacht Club - with thanks

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