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Get amped with these great videos from last years' race

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through sailing videos on Youtube, getting dragged down into the depths of random content? We've saved you from the depths of youtube yachting, here are the best videos from the PIC Coastal CLassic 2019, a record-setting race,

Firstly, you've got to see what it was like on board Beau Geste, and how they set a new time of 5hrs 13 minutes to Russell, you can barely drive it in that time!

In our opinion, Attitude has one of the best videos, a nice first hand account of the race experience from first leaving the dock, to a real fast ride, wrapping up with some pictures from the prizegiving in Russell and even their division's score card. Nice one guys!

Team Elevation from Rotorua (only 7 meters long!) got their on-board cameras goign to document the mission... looks a bit wet.

Here's the one with the best soundtrack from Motorboat II

Turn up the volume for this video from Black Pearl - there's some great commentary about whats going on with the fleet around them. It's a bit of a long one, so grab a drink before settling in for this one.

Night time sailing presents a whole different set of challenge, and the racing was CLOSE, tack for tack, as the boats quietly crept into Russell at dark. You won't want to miss this one from our official event videographers:

T-Rex made it as far as Sandspit... here's their take on the event

This video taken by spectators on North Head shows the carnage as boats came round the corner, plenty of wipe outs and nice footage from above

Some nice footage of the start of some of the smaller boats, taken from the city side, thanks to Roger Mills.

And here's division 3, 5, and 8 from Roger Mills!

Last but not least, don't forget to watch our promo reel for the 2020 race

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