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Limited edition 2020 Zhik merchandise available now

We're excited to announce that for the first time ever, ALL entered boat names will be printed on this year's PIC Coastal Classic t-shirt! What a great memento of your race and a marker of a year that is not to be forgotton for so many reasons...

Zhik have gone above and beyond this year to give us some pretty stylish looking gear and at great value - really - you must check these items out.

Get your race momento and pre-order from the new range of limited-edition PIC Coastal Classic gear for you & your team this year. Make sure to order before Friday 9th October, which is coincidentally the day race entries close... extra incentive to make sure you get your entry in on time, or your boat name will be missed off the tees!

Shop online to pre-order now, as orders close Friday 9th October.

All orders will be available for pickup at the race registration on Thursday 22 October.

There will be very limited stock available for purchase at the event registration

Team branded gear: Zhik are also offering boat branded gear this year to really get you and your crew in the spirit! Email for more details before Friday 9th October.


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