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Unfinished Business: 2nd Prizegiving announced

Exactly one month after the official PIC Coastal Classic prizegiving, the NZ Multihull Yacht Club will host a 2nd prizegiving to celebrate and reward the fleet for persevering through extremely trying conditions in this years’ race. The event will be held at RNZYS in the Dinghy Locker, at 7pm on Tuesday 24th November.

After starting the 119 nautical mile race in Auckland on Friday October 23rd in light winds and against the incoming tide, things didn’t get any easier for nearly 30 hours until the race reached its time limit at 3pm. At that time, ten boats reported in their GPS positions to officially finish on the water.

In total, 16 boats reached the finish line off Russell Wharf in the traditional manner, 10 finished on the water by reporting in their GPS positions, and a further 135 boats endured painful conditions and had to make the difficult decision to retire from the race. Even with full knowledge that it was going to be a slow race in light air, no organiser or competitor could have anticipated these unforeseen circumstances, at least not to this extent.

This 2nd prizegiving will:

  1. Reward all the boats who finished on the water at 3pm Saturday 24th October, and

  2. Distribute the remainder of the spot prizes to any boats entered in the race that have not already won a prize as they were generously donated by our team of sponsors. A representative from the drawn boats must be present to collect spot prizes.

So, reassemble your crew and join us to celebrate the 90% of the fleet who didn’t make it to Russell Wharf!

  • What: PIC Coastal Classic Prizegiving part II

  • When: Tuesday 24 November, 7pm

  • Where: RNZYS Dinghy Locker (come early for parking!)

  • Who: Anybody who participated in the race


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