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Win back your entry fee - enter by 30th July

To make our inaugural Starry Night PIC Coastal Classic gala a little bit more special, the NZ Multihull Yacht Club has decided to refund TWO boats' entry fees who have entered and paid their top yacht registration by 30th July 2021.

There's just one catch - you've got to be at the Starry Night Cocktail Gala to claim your prize that night.

If you're a boat owner, crew, or fan of the PIC Coastal Classic you won't want to miss the announcements on the night regarding the 2021 race. But, it's not all about the race this time. Bring your family, friends, and most generous spirit for the Silent Auction with all proceeds to the Starship Foundation.

Starry Night tickets are available until 25th July, and don't forget to get your boat's entry in for the race while you're at it.


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