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Your lockdown questions answered (updated)

The NZMYC and the PIC teams are working from within their bubbles to keep the Great Race North on track.

The New Zealand Multihull Yacht Club and PIC Insurance Brokers have resolved to run this race if Auckland and Northland are in Level 1 or 2 on race day. It will go down in history as the Lockdown Edition and it will be awesome!

In Level 2 it will be all about the yachting:

❌ no social functions in Russell, ❌no parties, ❌ no water taxis, and a strong expectation that any competitors that go ashore will respect the relevant Covid-19 protocols.

But we can promise ✔️great race management, ✔️a fantastic course and ✔️ all the great live streamed coverage and hype that the PIC Coastal Classic is known for.

✔️So make sure you get on with the race prep that you can do under whatever your local restriction level is. ✔️This can include taking advantage of Yachting New Zealand’s virtual safety inspections, checking online for self inspections relevant to the brand of life jacket you have, and getting your hull clean booked in now.

✔️If the event is cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation, or if postponed and the new date doesn’t suit you, 100% of your entry fee will be refunded. ✔️

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Stay safe!


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