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It’s great we have been given permission to raft up at the Russell Wharf.   We envisage about 30 boats being able to raft up on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Please CHECK THE MAP which outlines the berths available to us (highlighted in blue).  Nobody wants to be moved in the middle of the night!

And now for some rules.  Let's make sure we respect them so we can do it all again next year.

  1. Slow down when approaching or joining a raft up, as to avoid any potentially damaging collisions.

  2. Make sure all passengers keep their hands and feet in the boat while rafting up, so they don't get pinched.

  3. Always secure boats to one another using the cleats—not rail stations, handrails, or other accessories.

  4. Remember to deploy your fenders before approaching another boat to raft up.

  5. Keep the lines tied between boats as tight as possible to minimize motion between the boats.

  6. No discharge of waster, bilges, oil or seward treated or otherwise

  7. Please be respectful of the local businesses and residents and keep the noise levels down after 10pm. 


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