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Elevation's 2022 victory sees them back for an encore

In the world of PIC Coastal Classic, any boat, regardless of its size or shape, can triumph and no one knows this better than Tony Poole who emerged victorious aboard the 7-meter vessel Elevation last year.

Elevation crossed the finish line on Saturday morning at 04:37 am in the Bay of Islands, winning the whole event overall on PHRF handicap. Although at first, he didn’t know it! The crew were three rums deep before they realised they had clinched the coveted overall

handicap victory.

Their achievement was nothing short of extraordinary - defeating larger vessels and the swift multihulls. Now, Tony and his same crew prepare for this year's race. Will history repeat, or will new challenges arise in this maritime saga?

The PIC Coastal Classic is an annual season-opener for around 150 yachts of all shapes and sizes. So far, Poseidon II is the biggest.

The race starts at Devonport Wharf in Auckland and finishes at Russell Wharf in the Bay of Islands. It is 119 nautical miles long.

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