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How a $1 reserve trademe listing reunited these sailors with an old friend

Garry Scarborough and Colin Rickett last raced the Chico 30 Auriga as crew in the Sydney-Hobart Race in 1979. Forty years later, they have restored this beautiful yacht and will reunite for the PIC Coastal Classic.

A ‘come sailing’ invitation at a Coromandel campground in 1974 led to a long-term partnership with this boat for a young Colin Rickett who was joined onboard a few years later by a then 15-year-old Garry Scarborough. Many adventures were had, in iconic races to far flung locations like Gisborne, Suva and Vila, including a win in the Auckland-Lautoka Race and ultimately, a Sydney-Hobart in 1979.

Auriga in the hectic start of the 1979 Sydney-Hobart race with 147 boats on the startline. They beat out of Sydney Harbour, ran south under spinnaker and were becalmed at the top of Tasmania beforeanother hectic run into Storm Bay/Hobart. They were 113th on line and 24th overall on handicap, with Smackwater Jack finishing 38th and Anticipation 119th on handicap. Photo supplied

Arriving back in Auckland after the Hobart-Auckland race in 1980. The people from left to right are Fred Price (Fearless), Jan Stubbing, Phil Stubbing and Colin with the bubbles. This photo appeared in the New Zealand Herald. Photo supplied

Fast forward many years, Garry spied Auriga listed in a Trademe auction with a $1 reserve. They bought Auriga sight unseen. She was very tired but with very good bones. They restored her original yellow livery.

“It was a combination of nostalgia and stupidity, and another chapter in the story, another adventure,” says Garry of the decision.

Right now, they are putting the finishing touches on Category 3 Safety Certification. They plan to race north with four crew who between them have tens of thousands of sailing miles, including a fair number of Coastal Classics too. We wish you fair wind and happy sailing!

Auriga was white when Garry and Col took ownership but she always meant to be yellow. Photo supplied


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