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There are two pieces of paperwork that you need to complete before you set sail in the PIC Insurance Brokers Coastal Classic. 



The Coastal is defined by Yachting NZ as a Category 3 event. This means you need to get a Cat 3 safety certificate issued by Yachting NZ. These require an insepction, cost $121 for club members and are valid for two years. 


All you need to know about race weekend in Russell

Welcome to the 40th race of the Coastal Classic.  Everything you need to know about what's going on in Russell you will find here.  Enjoy the buzz and magic of Russell and catching up with old friends to share some stories and a drink or two together.


Get ready for a great weekend. What with Doyles serving up some free drinks, the Afterparty and Prizegiving AND, the Rugby World Cup, you need to be ahead of the game to ensure you don't miss out on all the festivities
Check out the itinerary here


The PIC Insurance Brokers Coastal Classic Race HQ will be at the Ray White office, next door to the Nauti Penguin and a one minute walk from Russell Wharf . Come say hello, check out the results, and lodge any paperwork as required. If race headquarters is unmanned then just call the number located on the door.


This weekend, we have an exciting lineup of two thrilling semi-final games, scheduled to kick off at 8 am on both Saturday and Sunday. The All Blacks will be taking to the field on Saturday morning.   Make sure you set your alarm and allocate enough time to get a water taxi so you don't miss a moment of the action. 

Sunday will see another semi-final being played at 8.00am.


OPERATING - Friday 5pm to Sunday 10.00 am - VHF Channel 8

Water taxis will be available to all entrants and supporters for transportation between Russell Wharf and yachts moored within Russell Bay. This service will be operational from 5pm Friday through to 10am Sunday unless otherwise advised. ONE taxi will operate between Friday 5pm to Sunday 10.00am.  TWO water taxis will operate Saturday 6.30am to Sunday 1.30am.

The Water Taxi Operator can be reached on VHF Channel 8. 

With only one operator in Russell, we have to bring a water taxi from Auckland to the bay.  We cannot stress enough therefore, the need for planning.  If you want to get to shore, assume it could take you anywhere between 20 minutes and 45 minutes, especially during peak times. Please don't leave it to the last minute.


PEAK TIMES - Saturday 21 Oct 

7am - Nauti Penguin opens

8am - RWC kick off. 

6pm - Doyles want to celebrate your arrival and are therefore offering the first 200 drinks free between 6 and 7pm. 

7pm -  Prizegiving/Afterparty

1,30am - Conclusion of evening 


With the semi-final Rugby game on Saturday morning we will have TWO water taxis on at 6.30am.  Once again, don’t leave anything to the last minute or even the last 20 minutes otherwise, you will have been red carded and out of the game.

THINGS CAN CHANGE so keep an eye on Facebook for any updates.


 Use your money to buy money!  Purchase Nauti Penguin money/tokens in a batch and present these at food stations and bars. Once you have paid for these you won’t need to open your wallet again (unless you need a new batch).


The Nauti Penguin is where it's all at.  They are our true partners in bringing us a one-stop-shop for food, beverages, rugby, prizegiving and afterparty.  Show your support by chowing down on their delicious food and beverage offering. 

The Nauti Penguin also have a wholesale licence.  Look out for the deals on Corona and Mount Gay Rum.


There are a number of other venues that will be open for the Rugby.

The Hell Hole will be open from 5am to 11am on Saturday morning serving up a breakfast burger at $15.


Hot showers are available at Russell TOP 10 Holiday Park on the corner of James St and Long Beach Rd. A service fee of $6.00 per person applies. Visitors must register at reception before entering the park, opening hours are 8am to 7pm.


Everyone will be issued with a wrist band.  This identifies you as part of the PIC Coastal Classic group.  PIC volunteers will be on-hand to distribute wrist bands at the wharf and at Nauti Penguin.  You just need to let them know what boat you're on.


Please sort and dispose of your waste and recycling into the designated bins located at the entrance of the wharf.  Doyle Sails have supplied you with bags in your skippers pack to help you pre-sort your recyling ahead of time.  Look at for the Doyle's recycling team on the wharf who are making sure we run a clean race.


The Far North District Council Public Places Liquor Control Bylaw 2003 prohibits the consumption or possession of liquor in all public places 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means you may not consume or carry alcohol through Russell's public places at any time.

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