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Safety Inspections reminder: three weeks to get it sorted

With five weeks left before the start of the PIC Coastal Classic, its time for skippers to finalize their entries which includes a ‘hard line’ for Safety Inspections before 11th October.

In the past, Yachting New Zealand inspectors have undertaken some last-minute safety inspections if required, but YNZ have advised the NZ Multihull Yact Club (NZMYC) officials that this will not be the case in 2019. The longer lead-in time is not only in order to remove pressure from the Yacht Inspectors, but to ensure safety is not compromised if last minute changes are required to rectify issues.

All boats in this year's PIC Coastal Classic, which starts in Auckland on October 25 for the 119 nautical mile drag race to Russell, must hold a valid category 3 (minus life raft) safety certificate.

The NZMYC)has announced that boats competing in the iconic contest from Auckland to Russell will not be required to carry a life raft or dinghy while racing in 2019. The yacht club has been working in consultation with Yachting New Zealand (YNZ) to find the right level of safety requirements for this race and NZMYC have agreed to run this race under the YNZ Category 3 requirements, minus the requirement for a life raft or dinghy.

The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions make it clear that crew on boats without a life raft or dinghy shall wear lifejackets at all times unless the person in charge explicitly gives permission for them not to be worn. The Sailing Instructions will also make it clear that competitors are to monitor VHF channel 16 for the duration of the race.

Yachting New Zealand have a nationwide network of yacht inspectors who are available for advice and assistance with all aspects of your yacht's safety. These inspectors are appointed by Yachting New Zealand under delegation from Maritime New Zealand.

To arrange an inspection, please contact an inspector in your region.

Category 3 is generally in-water, however, in some circumstances a yacht may be required to have an out-of-water inspection.

Click here to view the spreadsheet of all current inspectors, their areas of operation and contact details.

Click here for more information on safety inspections or contact Yachting New Zealand safety and technical officer Angus Willison.

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