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Enter by 10 August, you're in to win your entry fee back

If you are planning to have a crack at the PIC Coastal Classic this year, get your entry in now, and you could be the lucky one that wins your entry fee back. All entries received before 10th August 2020 will go in the random prize draw, to be announced on 12th August.

Entries from all divisions are eligible to win, whether racing or in the cruising rally. If you've already submitted your entry online, you're automatically in the draw.

SIgning up early helps us plan for your race better, so that you can have the best possible experience on the Great Race North and when you get ashore in Russell.

If you dont yet have your crew confirmed, your Cat three minus certificate or PHRF renewed, you can update your entry in due course. But please, don't leave any of those very important tasks until the last minute or you'll be out of luck!

What are you waiting for? Find out more or enter online today!

Terms & Conditions

  • All boats registered for the 2020 PIC Coastal Classic before 10th August will go in the draw to win their entry fee back, as an early entry incentive prize. It is for only the PIC Coastal Classic 2020 entry fee only, which is outlined in the relevant Notice of Race or Notice of Rally.

  • One boat only, from any division, will be randomly selected by the PIC Coastal Classic committee

  • Entries must be made online

  • The winner will be announced on 12th August.


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