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NEW: Mixed doubles trophy

We are so pleased to announce that our long-standing partner Doyle Sails has put up a new prize to support the growth of mixed two person sailing in NZ... the Doyle Sails Mixed Doubles Trophy.

Not THAT mixed doubles... the better kind that involves one male and one female on a boat, in yacht race.

To be eligible for this new trophy, mixed crews must have sailed the SSANZ Triple Series in 2020 (of which just two races were sailed) and race in the PIC Coastal Classic (October 23, 2020). The top average placed crew between the two events will take home a pretty sweet prize package, including the inaugural trophy, a $1000 Doyle voucher, merchandise and more.

The trophy and prize package will be presented at the PIC Coastal Classic prizegiving at 7pm Saturday 24th October in Russell.

For more information inlcluding the full eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, visit

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